Facelift Kitchens 10 Year Master Guarantee

We know that your newly renovated kitchen is a significant investment for you and that having a guarantee covering your investment is important for your peace of mind.

As a valued client of Facelift Kitchens Limited you will receive our 10 Year Master Guarantee. Facelift Kitchens Limited guarantees their products, manufactured in-house, to be free from defects arising from faulty craftsmanship. This is a transferable Guarantee and will apply for each owner of the kitchen, for ten years from the date of installation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon receipt of full payment, Facelift Kitchens Limited guarantees their products, manufactured in-house, to be free from defects arising from faulty craftsmanship, for each owner of the property, for ten years from the date of installation. All other products supplied through Facelift Kitchens carry the guarantees issued by individual product partners. Facelift Kitchens Limited shall not be liable under this guarantee for periods that extend beyond our individual product partner’s guarantee.
  2. Facelift Kitchens Limited obligations under this guarantee are, at Facelift Kitchens Limited choice, limited to:
    1. Repairing the faulty goods or,
    2. Replacing the faulty goods (excludes all deleted product lines).
    3. Only those products purchased from Facelift Kitchens Limited. (Any additional
      work may incur a charge)
  3. Facelift Kitchens Limited total liability under this guarantee will not exceed the contract price paid by the Customer to Facelift Kitchens Limited for the goods.
  4. This guarantee excludes defects or issues arising either directly or indirectly from:
    1. The Customer’s negligence or misuse or any inevitable accident, natural movement of timber, act of God or other factor beyond reasonable control of Facelift Kitchens Limited.
    2. Unreasonable or excessive exposure to heat, sunlight, water or steam.
    3. Non-compliance by the Customer over the correct care and treatment of any Facelift Kitchens Limited product (Refer product care instructions).
    4. Any unauthorised person repairing or attempting to repair the goods.
    5. The goods having been modified, incorrectly maintained, or used for a purpose other than that for which it was originally intended at time of installation.
    6. Any goods that been installed (either correctly or incorrectly) by persons not approved by Facelift Kitchens Limited.
    7. Colour and pattern variations in granite, stone veneers and quartz, and knots or grain in timber or timber veneers, which occur as part of the natural product.
  5. Appliance guarantees and warranties will be voided where clients request cabinetry dimensions other than those specified from the manufacturer of the said appliances by the Appliance Manufacturer. Facelift Kitchens Limited accepts no liability where appliances fail as a result.
  6. This guarantee excludes any goods or services which are not purchased from, or contracted, by Facelift Kitchens Limited.
  7. This guarantee does not limit or restrict any other statutory right or remedy available to the customer within New Zealand.

To discuss any issue relating to your kitchens please contact Mark Davis at Facelift Kitchens Limited mark@faceliftkitchens.co.nz or 027 658 9277


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